Microneedling Can Stimulate Collagen To Improve Your Skin’s Health And Appearance

Microneedling is a type of collagen induction therapy that can reduce wrinkles and lift sagging skin. The treatments work because they cause collagen to be produced in your skin, which causes your skin to plump up, lift, and thicken. Here's how microneedling is done and some treatments that are often given at the same time. A Treatment Involves Using Needles On Your Skin Using needles on your skin sounds painful, but your dermatologist applies numbing cream first so you don't feel discomfort. Read More 

3 Types Of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments To Consider

Over time, most people find that their skin loses its youthful, healthy glow. You may experience any combination of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles and creases, sunspots, rough texture, enlarged pores, and more. Whatever your skin concerns, the right dermatologist can help with skin rejuvenation treatments designed to bring back your glow and help you feel confident. Here are three skin rejuvenation treatments to look into: Chemical Peels Chemical peels are a great option for a variety of skin and aging concerns. Read More 

Why You Should Consider A Hair Transplant

Losing your hair is a reality you're not facing alone: almost half of men experience some type of hair loss as they get older, and the older they get, the more likely and noticeable the hair loss actually is. Women experience hair loss as well, especially as they age.  Even if you have good genetics in your family that helps lessen your chances of experiencing major hair loss, you still have contributing factors such as stress, lifestyle, and other issues to consider. Read More 

Critical Reasons To Seek Care From An Experienced Wound Care Doctor

When you suffer from diabetes, you may be at risk of developing cuts and injuries that do not heal properly. They can fester into chronic wounds for which you may need to seek continued and prolonged treatment. It can be vital that you avoid trying to care for these injuries and cuts on your own. Instead, you might benefit from enlisting the services of an experienced local wound care doctor. Read More 

Can Breast Implants Really Look Natural?

Many women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, but many hesitate before even considering getting breast implants. If you've been unhappy with the way that you look but are worried about the idea of breast implants making you look obviously 'fake' or silly, rest easy. Times have changed over the years, and there are now many methods and techniques that can be used in order to provide women with the natural look they want to achieve. Read More