Common Laser Hair Removal Myths And Facts

Laser hair removal treatment has gained popularity as it helps improve skin texture and does away with the trouble of routine shaving and epilating unwanted body hair. Similarly, the procedure is necessary to help maintain body hygiene. But before undertaking laser therapy for hair removal, you must know all the facts and misconceptions regarding the treatment.

Here are common laser hair removal myths and facts explained

Myth: Laser Therapy Results in Skin Damage

The equipment and preciseness used during laser treatment do not result in skin damage. But, for great results, the procedure should be done by a skilled cosmetic dermatologist. The dermatologist should be board certified and experienced in executing the procedure.

Myth: Laser Therapy Yields Temporary Results  

Laser impairs hair follicles, inhibiting hair growth. Usually, after the hair removal by laser, patients experience decreased hair growth rate. Therapists may recommend that you attend multiple laser therapy sessions to fully impair your hair follicles. A key point to note is that laser therapy plans vary among patients, based on the desired outcome and patient hormone levels.

Myth: One Laser Hair Treatment Appointment Is Enough

Laser hair therapy is a hands-on process that requires various sittings to attain the desired results. Some patients have to attend more sessions than others due to their hormonal levels and genetics to help achieve similar results.

Myth: Laser Therapy Is Not Favorable for Certain Hair Types

Consult a clinician if you are concerned if laser hair therapy is suitable for your hair type. The expert should explain how modern laser machines affect different hair types. However, the results and treatment plan contrast among patients based on their hair type.   

Myth: Laser Hair Therapy Can Result in Scars

Scars are rare with modern laser treatment methods. However, therapists may recommend before and after laser therapy remedies and prescriptions if you have sensitive skin. Communicating with your dermatologist in advance can help determine whether pre and post-treatment prescriptions are necessary.  

Myth: Only Women Can Benefit From Laser Hair Therapy

Laser hair therapy is common among women but this does not mean that the treatment is limited to women only. Men can also benefit from laser hair therapy.  Popular areas of laser hair removal in men include:

  • The back
  • The chest
  • The armpits
  • The neck
  • The face

Above are facts you should know about laser hair removal. Laser therapy is harmless and favorable for all hair types. However, for the best outcome, ensure you hire a board-certified dermatologist to carry out the procedure.