Can Breast Implants Really Look Natural?

Many women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts, but many hesitate before even considering getting breast implants. If you've been unhappy with the way that you look but are worried about the idea of breast implants making you look obviously 'fake' or silly, rest easy. Times have changed over the years, and there are now many methods and techniques that can be used in order to provide women with the natural look they want to achieve. Here are three of them.

New Shapes

When breast implants first started out, they generally came in just one shape. The roundness of breast implants led to many women who got breast implants having the globular-shaped breasts that are common among adult entertainers and those who want showier, more uplifted-looking breasts.

Of course, while this is still an option, not every woman wants this look. That's why newer shapes of breast implants have come along. For example, many breast implants are now made in a teardrop shape, which more realistically emulates the appearance of large, natural breasts.

New Materials

Another thing to consider is materials. Initially, liquid silicone and saline were the only two options for breast implants. While many women liked the safety of saline, it can sometimes produce a less natural look and feel than silicone implants. Thankfully, the safety of silicone is no longer in question.

While liquid silicone is still available, and the implant shells have been improved to help prevent leaks, there are also gel-like, solid silicone implants available now. These implants can't leak into the body, even in the event of a burst. They also provide a more natural shape, especially when the implant is teardrop-shaped.  

Placement and Size

Finally, the placement and size of breast implants can have a big impact on how they look on your body. Larger implants can look good, but if you want a natural look, part of what you can take into consideration is the size of your body and frame. Petite women tend to have more difficulty with large breast implants looking natural, but women of average or above-average height and build can often pull it off flawlessly.

Where the implants are positioned in the body also plays a role. Women have an option between having the implants placed under the muscle tissue or above it. Placing implants above the muscle tissue is often recommended for women who have a fair amount of natural breast tissue, as the tissue helps to cover the implant and make it look natural. If you have small breasts to start with, going under the muscle will provide a more natural look.

For more information on factors to consider for breast implant surgery, contact a surgeon near you.