Breast Augmentation Considerations To Bring To Your Surgeon

When you get breast augmentation, the first thing you'll do is have a consultation. Your cosmetic surgeon will assist you in choosing the best solution for your breast augmentation needs so you feel confident with your solution and know you have made the right choice for your needs.

Your surgeon will meet with you and take all your concerns into consideration before selecting the best cosmetic surgery for your needs. Things to consider are included in the following sections. 

Natural or implants?

You can get natural breast augmentation, which involves using your own body fat to make your breasts larger and fuller. If you only need a little bit of lift and change, this might be the best solution for your needs. Consider that your body will absorb some of the fat that is transplanted into your chest, resulting in some settling.

If you want larger and fuller breasts with ample perkiness, implants are your best option. These implants will need to be replaced with time and may give you some complications down the line, but if they are implanted by a quality surgeon, your breast augmentation should be quite successful.

What size?

How big do you want your breasts to be after the surgery? How large do you want your implants to be? You can go up several cup sizes if you wish, depending on the stretch and give in your existing breast tissue and other factors. Your breast surgeon should have some idea as to what size of implants will look best on you and can help you choose the right size for your body.

Beware of trying to get away with too-large or overfilled breast implants. Your breast augmentation surgery will have several complications if you do choose overfilled implants, and your cosmetic surgeon will advise you against getting too-big implants. You may even get denied surgery if you want implants that are too large. Listen to the advice of your cosmetic surgeon regarding choosing an implant's size so you can get the correct implants for your needs.

Your breast augmentation consultation may include a breast exam and an overall mental health examination. If you are deemed mentally and physically able to receive breast implants, your cosmetic surgeon will move forward with your breast augmentation. If you need more time to consider the surgery, you can ask your cosmetic surgeon to schedule your breast augmentation out a few months to give you ample time to prepare.

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