Pedicure Services That Are Offered At A Medical Spa

There are many medical conditions that could make it risky to receive a foot massage or pedicure in a standard spa. A medical spa that provides pedicures will pamper the feet while ensuring safety standards are upheld. This type of service is geared toward diabetics or those who are suffering from a foot ailment.

Medical Providers

A medical spa offers cosmetic and therapeutic services. These services are overseen by a licensed medical provider. Cross-contamination is prevented by sterilizing equipment and offering a patient a private setting to receive a pedicure. A medical spa may be set up similarly to a mainstream spa. The treatment of feet is only one service that may be offered at a medical spa. A spa may offer facials, manicures, waxing procedures, reflexology, and more.

Because this type of spa is overseen and run by licensed professionals, a client can divulge information about a problem that they have been experiencing and a spa worker can advise them on how to care for the affected area. Medical personnel who work at a spa will likely wear gloves while they are administering a spa session. A client may be required to remain masked while they are receiving a service. The protocol that is used within a medical spa will reduce or prevent the transmission of germs.

An Assessment And Treatments

If a client is seeking a pedicure, they may need to undergo a neurological and vascular test first. A client who has a medical condition that has affected their feet will need to be medically-cleared, prior to receiving the service they request. A medical provider will conduct an interview. This interview will help a provider determine the services that will benefit a client the most.

Some medical spa owners may allow those without a condition to use the services that are offered. Someone who is apprehensive about the cleanliness of a standard spa may prefer to seek services at a medical spa. Special services are offered to those who are in need. A fungal infection, for instance, may require that a medical spa worker uses some specific products that are designed to treat fungus.

Some spas may use disposable tools. These tools are designated for single use. A full-service spa may offer pedicure treatments that involve soaking the feet and receiving a foot massage. Once a client has had time to relax, a clinician can trim the client's toenails or apply nail polish to their nails. 

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