Women Need to Be Cognizant Of STDs & Treatment Options

For many women, the threat of sexually transmitted infections can be much more serious than it is for men. Women may need to pay close attention to their STD status, which involves getting tested regularly. STD treatments can save women from many different complications later in their sexually active life.

Why do women need to be especially vigilant about getting tested? Here's what you need to know.

Chlamydia Can Cause Infertility

Chlamydia is one of the most harmful STDs for women. It is a condition that largely impacts the cervix and urethra, and it can spread throughout the female reproductive system. While some women never experience any symptoms, others experience pelvic pain and discharge. These long-term consequences can include infertility.

Treatment for this STD often involves antibiotics, administered either orally or via injection. Treatment is short and simple, and the condition is typically gone forever.

HPV Can Lead to Cancer

One of the most dangerous STDs is also one of the most difficult to detect. HPV diagnosis typically requires a pap smear, which occurs during a gynecological exam, which means that the condition often goes missed or undiagnosed.

Unfortunately, HPV is not treatable, but it can be monitored. Additionally, getting tested and assessed can help prevent the spread of the condition into cancer of the cervix. Getting tested for HPV can also help alert you to any other STDs you may have that can be treated by a medical professional.

Syphilis Can Cause Birth Defects

Syphilis is also dangerous to both women and any children they carry while infected. Syphilis is less common than some other STDs, but it can be incredibly serious. It can cause birth defects in children, and it can also have health impacts on women. In many cases, it damages the organs.

The good news? Syphilis can be treated. Typically, the treatment involves a penicillin injection.

Remember: Your Results Are Confidential

Many women have concerns that others will be able to see their STD status. This is not the case, and your testing results and treatment plans will be kept confidential like all other medical records. Even a partner or spouse will not have access to the information unless otherwise stated.

STD Treatment Can Change Your Life

Getting tested and treated for STDs can change many factors in your life. You can maintain your health and improve your chances of fertility by getting treatment. Make an appointment for treatment right away to make sure you do everything possible to save your fertility and health.