Tips For Dealing With Large Breasts

Having large breasts, especially when they are large relative to your frame, can make you feel self-conscious and cause significant pain each day. However, there are some ways to reduce common issues associated with large breasts.

Skin Care

A major challenge with large breasts is keeping the skin underneath your breasts dry to minimize the chance of rashes and ulceration. After you bathe or shower, be sure to dry the area thoroughly. Some retail products are ideal to reduce moisture and friction. Some women choose to use powder, but anti-chafing products may also be effective. Another option may be unscented spray or roll-on antiperspirant, as long as the skin is not already irritated. If this is your first time trying antiperspirant under your breasts, do a test area to see if you have an adverse reaction. One advantage of using antiperspirant is it is easy to reapply throughout the day if needed.

Wear A Good Bra

When you have larger breasts, you are more limited in the bras available to you and those bras are often expensive. At a minimum, have a few expensive bras that you can rotate through when you have to be outside your home and wear the less expensive bras around the house. You should have a professional bra fitting, even if the store where you are fitted does not have your size, so that you have a good idea of which size is right for you. If you are buying online, choose stores with a good return policy since it is rare to find the right size and fit on the first try. Choose styles with a wider band and straps. These bras will give you more support without the band and straps digging into your skin. Taking good care of your bras by handwashing them and not placing them in the dryer will help them to last longer.

Consider Medical Intervention

There is only so much you can do about having large breasts. When large breasts cause you considerable pain, compromise your breathing, and lead to frequent skin irritation, you should seriously consider a breast reduction. Since women who have breast reduction surgery often struggle with the consequences of having large breasts for many years, they find there are immediate benefits to the procedure. They often go home with significantly less pain and are able to be more physically active once they are cleared by their surgeon. A breast reduction not only makes the breasts smaller and lighter, but it also lifts the breasts to a more appealing position on the chest. Since the breasts are higher up, it may be easier to keep the area underneath them dry.

Using products to minimize moisture under your breasts and investing in good bras can mitigate some of the challenges of having large breasts. Having breast reduction surgery may be the only option to eliminate many of the problems when you have large breasts.

For more information on breast reductions, contact a cosmetic surgeon.