Coolsculpting: What Is It And Is It Right For You?

Coolsculpting is an FDA-approved way to reduce stubborn fat cells in the body that you cannot get rid of with regular diet and exercise. Fat that remains after you've lost your weight such as armpit fat, muffin tops, a saggy stomach, or even fat around the knees are all areas that you may struggle to get rid of that coolsculpting can do for you. Read on for more information about coolsculpting to see if it is the right procedure for you.

What Is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a procedure that freezes the fat cells in the body. This freezing process will kill the fat cells that are targeted, and then your body will metabolize them. The cells will not come back as the procedure is permanent. The freezing process is non-evasive, nothing is put inside your body, and there is no cutting or surgery involved. This means no scarring or recovery time as there would be with surgery or liposuction.

This procedure does not have any anesthetics, you aren't put under, and there aren't any other harsh pain medications.  The procedure itself doesn't take long, and you can see results in three to five months. Surgery may take much longer to see the best results. The procedure can be done in just one day without any downtime.

Is Coolsculpting Right For You?

Coolsculpting has a lot of pros, especially compared to surgery. If you are looking for fast results to get rid of stubborn fat without invasive procedures that can cause other issues such as possible internal damage, scarring or a longer recovery time, then coolsculpting is right for you.

Diet and exercise can give you results, and you'll lose quite a bit of weight with both of these, but you may still have areas that you cannot lose weight. These problem areas may make you feel self-conscious about wearing the clothes you have always wanted to wear because of this stubborn fat. Coolsculpting can help you get rid of these problem areas and prevent them from returning. You'll be able to wear the clothes you want, feel more comfortable in sleeveless, strapless, or cropped tops, more comfortable in your jeans or in shorts, and just feel more comfortable in your own skin.

If you are trying to lose weight and still have stubborn fat, consider coolsculpting to get rid of those trouble areas. Talk to your physician to see if you qualify for a coolsculpting procedure.