Should You Choose Smooth Or Textured Breast Implants For Your Breast Augmentation?

Once you have decided that you want a breast augmentation, you will need to determine whether you would prefer smooth or textured breast implants. Both provide a fuller, more womanly bosom, but there are several factors that will play an important role in determining which option would be the most appropriate for you. It is important to note that any surgical procedure and many medical procedures will result in scarring and therefore, reducing your scarring is one of the most important factors your surgeon will consider.

When Smooth Breast Implants Are The Right Choice

A smooth breast implant uses a shell comprised of silicone and is identifiable due to its surface that is free of wrinkles. Its smooth surface allows your breasts to remain free of unexpected wrinkling after your procedure. Your smooth implants will be in a thinner shell than textured implants would be and are always round.

In addition, a smooth implant will move around more freely than its textured counterpart within the shell. Many women have reported that the free movement provides a more natural appearance and texture. Unfortunately, there have been more reports of excessive scar tissue associated with smooth breast implants than with textured implants.

Many experts believe that there is a reduced chance of complications in patients with smooth implants.

When You Should Choose Textured Implants

A textured implant is chemically identical to the smooth implants, due to the fact that it uses the same silicone shell. The difference lies solely in the surface of the silicone shell, and you will be able to identify it from the selection your surgeon shows you because it looks both soft and gritty. However, it is important to note that your textured implant will never be rough, it is just not completely smooth.

Your surgeon may suggest a textured implant due to its ability to maintain its position more effectively within the shell. One downside to that is that the free movement, as mentioned above, is a benefit associated with a more natural appearance and therefore, the textured option may not be seem as natural.

One upside to consider is that a textured implant was created specifically to take advantage of the scar tissue that will always form around the tissue as the result of your breast augmentation surgery by adhering to it . A secondary goal of its development was to actually reduce the amount of extra scar tissue that you experience.

In conclusion, both smooth and textured implants have been successfully used by many women for many years. If you are ready to perfect your figure, speak with a plastic surgeon to see what your best option for breast augmentation will be.